Military Law

Being located in Annapolis, Maryland, close to the Naval Academy, as well as numerous military installations within the Washington, D.C. area, Ryan, Drewniak & Upshaw is uniquely qualified to provide criminal and administrative legal representation to service members who may be facing administrative discharge or courts-martial proceedings.

The practice of military law is a specialized area and it is important to have representation from someone who understands the military world and how to maneuver in a courtroom setting. Christopher Drewniak has that knowledge and expertise.  Having served as an officer and JAG attorney in the Marine Corps, he has represented hundreds of marines, sailors, soldiers and airmen in general and special courts-martial, Article 12 hearings, and administrative discharge proceedings. Christopher Drewniak has handled matters at military installations in North Carolina, South Carolina, Quantico, VA, Andrew Air Force Base, the Coast Guard installation at Curtis Bay, Maryland, the Washington Navy Yard, West Point, and the Naval Academy.

Soldier and Child - Military Law

The range of cases that our firm has handled include:


• Rape
• Sexual Assault
• Child Abuse


• Assault
• Theft
• Embezzlement


• Drug Offenses
• Unauthorized Absences



• Dereliction of Duty
• Midshipmen Misconduct

It is important that your attorney understand the unique legal arguments and procedures that are required when handling cases in a military setting, It is also essential that your attorney have the trial experience necessary to effectively present your case to a commanding officer, military judge, or jury. Christopher Drewniak has over 29 years of experience successfully defending clients in just that type of arena.

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